Mario Kart 8 Preview

At this year's E3, it was difficult to enter the Nintendo Pavilion. The lines were incredibly long, the floor space was too crowded and couldn't move from game to game. Luckily, I got to play one of the biggest Wii U games, and that was it Mario Kart 8. I am a big fan, so I entered a lot of time to get some hands. Keep in mind that the structure you played at E3 this year was in progress.

To begin with, you have the option to use either the Wii U tilt or analog tilt controls and classic buttons. Being pure, I had to stick to traditional elements. I found that the tilt controls seem more or less volatile, so I thought I should stick to what I understood. Before starting the game, of course you had to choose your character. Personally, I can not play Mario Kart Game and not Mario.

When the game is loaded the first thing you'll notice is that it's awesome. I can say with confidence that this game is the best Wii U game to date. It had incredibly bright colors, environments looked vivid and people looked like something from Pixar. Even the items seem to have received a thorough overhaul – I never thought that the shells of green turtles could look so beautiful.

But pictures don't mean anything if the game doesn't exist. And for the most part it is. There were a lot of features that were not available during the E3 demo. For example, in Mario Kart 7, you can collect coins on track to give the card a boost, but in E3, coins were there but didn't offer anything.

There was no one from Mario Kart 8New Features: Anti-gravity sections. In certain parts of the track, the kart will turn its wheels into jet engines that will catch the track as it goes upside down and side by side. It was a great feature and it looked great but it didn't add anything to this game. Then again, I only saw two clips and this game was just announced this month. I hope Nintendo really turns to this feature because I think it has become something really fun and enjoyable. It's a shame that it was rarely shown during E3 construction.

Despite the new features, the gameplay remained the same. Still old Mario Kart. You'll get better items if you're left behind, and you'll probably get a banana or green turtle if you're in the first place. It is as if you are rewarded if you decide to stay behind until the last lap of the race. I feel they really need to change this one way or another.

Basically, if you've ever played Mario Kart Game in your life, you've played Mario Kart 8. This is unfortunate but true. I mean, if you absolutely love it Mario Kart-Then you will have a great time. Everyone may get bored of limited play. Granted, this is a very early look at the game, and certainly more features will be added, but it's basically now Mario Kart 7.5.

It's no secret that the Wii U isn't working impressively. What seems to be the case is that the games are not just there. I am very confident that this game will be a system vendor, and we hope Nintendo will add downloadable content to the post-game launch. I think what they will need is to add more tracks, vehicles and characters to keep people interested. This is one of the main problems with Mario Kart Franchise business; it just gets old after a long time. They have a golden opportunity with the next generation of console to change that completely.

Sure, it has always been fun, but it has never been a game to keep you busy. It's like candy: it's good to be there once in awhile but you don't want to continue to eat, when something like that Zelda Or the actual Mario game is the best main dish. I hope with the next iteration of Mario Kart They will add more depth and openable to keep the player back. If Nintendo will take their time with Mario Kart Games Maybe we will have a more accommodating title. I am very optimistic Mario Kart 8 Most likely it will be necessary for any Wii U owners no matter how hollow the chain is.

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