N – Classic Gaming with a New Twist (A Review)

If you are wasting hours or even days playing a video game on the old Commodore 64, it's probably a game called Run Runner. Well, it's amazing how this kind has returned completely. "N" is such a game. Developed in Flash by Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard from Metanet Software Inc.

My first vision of this game was to watch my son play it on his computer. She immediately became intrigued by the smooth and intricate details of the main character's movement as she moved, flew, jumped and plunged into a maze after a maze of enemies and bonuses. I particularly noticed the simplicity of the game. Finally, someone has released a game in which one can sit and play without having to open the 20-page instruction manual. But don't be fooled! There are over 200 levels to get through! To my surprise, after watching my three children play this over the past few weeks, they still have to finish the game! They're completely hooked. The family PS2, with its adrenaline launchers, 3D tracked, real-time graphics, and total game games – sits cool alone. Just touch it if one of the boys is waiting for their time on the PC with N.

The art of software development in N, not only in the final product and its ability to capture the player. It is also in the fact that Raigan and Mare has published a source and tutorials on their website, which explains the technique and process of developing this great game. We don't just talk a few quick paragraphs here! This is a complete blown tutorial on collision detection, physics, motion, geometry, and math. With pictures and graphs too! For those who want a complete, polite education about the science of game design and development, this is the place!

I can not say enough about this amazing game, the site Metanet, the kindness of developers. There is a heart in the offices of Metanet Software Inc.! I have no doubt that we will hear more about Raigan, Mare and Metanet! You'll find this quote on their website: "We're not professionals – it's our strength." That sums it up a lot.

You can check N at: http://www.harveycartel.org/metanet

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