Path to Pelantas Game Review

Path to Pelantas is a unique game that reminds me of a lot of sports management games. Although it is a RPG-themed video game, you can't go out and experience all the actions yourself as everything is simulated in this game.

This is because you are responsible for managing 11 heroes. They are like your team and it's up to you to make sure they are healthy. Unlike many RPG games, this game does not require you to play the game for consecutive hours. It is quite possible that you can achieve a lot of this game by just playing it for a few minutes every day.

Managing your heroes can be very easy as they are quite capable of dealing with situations on their own. Go to the map and highlight where you want your heroes to go to hunt monsters. Since this is a management game video, you won't get a chance to kill monsters yourself, but you can check the progress of your hunt. There are four areas you can catch, including forests, mountains, plains and swamps. It is recommended that you check as often as you might be surprised what you will find.

Although most players will continue to play with the same team of champions, there is a timetable for this game and all will retire. Fortunately, this game knows this and you have the option of recruiting new heroes at any time. You can even sell your current heroes if you feel they lack durability. Again, this is a reference to sports management titles where managers exchange their team mates all the time as well. This is a unique feature unlike in most RPG titles. You are stuck with the same party members throughout the entire game.

Fighting is perhaps the weakest aspect of the path to Plantas. I am the type of player who likes to control what I do when it comes to battles. Although you can choose to "show" battles, you can't see which characters are fighting physically. All you see are their profile photos and stats. After the battle is over, you only have a stats sheet showing how you did. I know this is a management-type game but it would be painful that some kind of visual aid is included.

The game itself in real time. Events are usually pre-determined on certain days, so the battle usually takes place on Saturdays and tasks usually end on the following Monday. It's a good idea to play the game almost daily to see what kind of events are happening and to see the progress of your characters as well.

One of the most interesting aspects of Path to Pelantas is its non-linear structure. Although there are battles to be fought and tasks to be performed, you don't have to play them if you choose not to. You have the option of playing the game the way you want. If you want to specialize in hunting monsters only, you can. Although playing all aspects of the game is recommended if you want to look for hours of gameplay.

The road to Pelantas is a very unconventional game. I've never played a non-sport management game before. Again, the game may not suit everyone's taste, but the fact that it's free to play means that anyone can sign up and experience this game. Whether they are RPG fans or not, Path to Pelantas is not a time-consuming game and anyone should find something they will love in this game.

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