Ravensword: Shadowlands

The game begins as the only survivor of a huge war between humans and elves. Your ultimate goal? Collect three Ravenstones Finally you find the legendary Ravensword . The story of the game doesn't try to show you something original, but it's good and somewhat different. The main advantage of course is that it is a vast world full of exploration and adventure and this will surely entertain you. The world you live in is a wonderful world full of details, secrets and side questions. There are many different environments that you can explore and tour, such as deserts, forests, underground caves and snowy mountains. You will encounter different enemies on your way. Those who played before the classic Elder Scrolls series, you will know from the very beginning of the game that this type of games is largely the same, but less demanding.

One of the strengths of the game is the controls. You can do anything you imagine, and all of this can be done by just using a button on the screen. It's a very structured and structured way, which makes the game fun and does not require special attention from you, about how to do something, but it allows you to focus primarily on what to do, to complete the game. Furthermore, you can block, attack, use magic, jump, or load animals on land and air. Hood is always there, minimalistic and full of information. The higher the levels, the more energy, abilities and talents you have allowing you to increase strength, agility, speed, stamina, jumping, etc. Collect all kinds of weapons from archering to me Sword fighting-Collect countless items, increase magic skills and abilities. However, your attention is completely absorbed from exploration, which initially starts smoothly and develops in a wonderful, more interesting experience. The mechanics of this open exploration game can lead you to incredible difficulties, as you can always find in some parts of the map that enemies do not fit your current abilities.

Most players will manage more than 40 hours of play, either according to the main scenario or Time consumption Side tasks. You also get a problem with the law and go to jail. At some point in the game, you'll be able to buy houses and furniture and decorate your own place.

Ravensword Contains sophisticated graphics, this is rather strange and bold for the mobile world. Everything is brilliantly designed by the leading character, PersonalitiesAnd monsters animals Nice Detailed cities, houses and landscapes. The world of a kingdom Tyreas It has a unique style and it's a fun experience. Sound in Ravensword For this type is very cool. Music gives the right mood if you are fighting an enemy or you are sightseeing and roaming and have an exceptional sound that makes you forget the translation. The sound of fighting and enemies changes first-class and the music dynamically for each situation.

Ravensword brings great visuals and mechanics to the mobile platform. Explore a vast and bespoke detailed world for you to collapse. Follow an immersed story to reveal the secrets of a kingdom Tyreas.

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