Should “Shells ‘n’ Slugs” be separate ammo types? Fortnite

All pistols, assault pistols and snipers have access to light, medium and heavy ammunition pools, power and projectile. Rifle builds are the only ones that bottleneck their ammunition types.

With mollusks becoming their own separate ammunition, gun designs can help you manage ammunition better as there are few guns that use mollusks and having their own ammunition means you have three different types of ammunition to work with instead. Than just shells and energy.

You use weapons like

* Alloy gun / Hammershot / Hammercrush
* Double kettle
* Rat King
* Fireworks / Editor / Liberty Herald

Having only four weapons (one of which is actually a rifle) that you will use will make the change somewhat meaningless, but I would suggest suggesting some unpopular guns, some high-precision mollusks in addition to polishing their damage to improve effectiveness with this change:

* Tactical Gun / Puma / Tiger
* Precision Tiger / Clipper / Nightclaw
* Over-gun shooting / Rastler / Bandit / Maverick
* Semi-automatic gun / charger / stallion / stampede
* Loudspeaker
* Two steps
* Fire Dragon
* Ground pestle
* Hydraulic gun / Pummeller

Plus we can always see an epic offering new alloy cannons over time to add to this collection.

Mollusks can use the same exact model as shells with recolored blue and green covers in the same way as well. The ammunition pool in Shell can be reduced slightly to 1.1 kilos of shells and mollusks, possibly 650, because of the nature of their high damage.



Edit: Changed some phrases to remove some inconsistencies


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