Top Most Anticipated PS4 Exclusives 2014

With the release of the current generation of PlayStation as always, the PS4 comes with not only powerful hardware, but also an expectation of the games that will be played. The 2014 collection of PS4 exclusive titles makes it an exciting year for gamers, so we've compiled a shortlist of the most important PS4 exclusives for 2014:

3. Driveclub

The heavily belated title created by Evolution Studios is a team-based online racer that encourages players to work together by rewarding teamwork against other "clubs" around the world. Driveclub differs from other simulation contestants as Driveclub is not always about racing, as much of the game relies on a full list of challenges that can range from time trials, watching competing teams and overcoming team results.

Driveclub graphics tend to be visually stimulating like the title of Xbox One Forza Motorsport 5. Cars in the game are cloned animals just like their real-life counterparts with extreme details included such as the direction of the thread on the fabrics. This exclusive title retains its racing roots as it is designed to be played from a first person perspective.

Release Date: 10/08/2014

2. Ranking: 1886

This third-person action game developed by Ready at Dawn was set on an alternate date in the 19th century where the player is a member of the rank of elite cavalry facing a mysterious supernatural enemy. Consequently he placed The Order as one of his most interesting exclusive titles to be released on PS4 this year.

Since the reveal of the engine in the E3, there has been a glimpse of the game that looks increasingly promising because sharp and detailed images give it the look and feel of the "next generation". Setup should be accompanied by a decent story if this title is successful.

Release Date: Third Quarter 2014

1. Unknown 4

Arguably one of Sony's biggest franchises in the case of "selling the system" is Uncharted. Developer Naughty Dog has an impressive print with the Uncharted series, after three powerful versions of the PS4 and the fantastic PS Vita game.

Uncharted 4 is still a puzzle for the gaming world, but thanks to a teaser clip we all know it exists. It is likely that the developers worked on it after the completion of The Last of Us, especially as Sony is breathing their backs should end before the end of 2014.

Release date: 2014 expected

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