Twine Peaks Endurance Fortnite

First of all, I'd like to say Twain's stamina is the most difficult task in the game so far, and nothing can be compared because it's so difficult.

It took me and my team 4 attempts to learn from our mistakes and clear all 30 waves:

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There were several things I learned about during stamina that I would like to share, if someone else wants to try stamina, it does not make the same mistakes, it is not only related to mistakes but also to tactics.

Note that the information below is based on my personal experience and may change as Epic changes STW objects.

& # x200B.

1. Your defense from SSD is completely different from the defense you have to endure.
2. You need Base Kyle, Machinist Harper and Zenith 2 with a decisive rating sniper design, Zenith is a must because descending waves are very difficult if you don't have the right team.
3. Fix all the trap tunnel after it is attacked because traps may run out or propane detonate things.
4. The hardest wave is 25 which will be AMP C (valley), it is a UFO battleship game and there are a lot of smudges, birds and launchers, without the correct creation and prepare you stands 0 chance, and this needs a lot of information so I will cover everything at the end of the guide for this wave .
5. All waves are time-dependent, so building a little bit of stalling is good but not completely disrupted because unexpected things can happen, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.
6. One person must have the slogan and the slow field as their tool, while the others must use the slow field and the adrenaline rush as their tool, the person with the slogan has to drop it every time a new AMP is attacked for the sake of spawning.
7. Do not exaggerate the construction, and instead of building efficiency, use only traps for the wrapping of God, and the sound wall is the way to stop propane, and if you see that operators are charging and you cannot control it, please feel free to send spam messages because it will stop charge Them.
8. If gladiators respect, as others approach AMP circuit breakers, forget to destroy them and focus snipers because the wizards and young bosses will not damage the damage to the AMP emperors, however, they can destroy things and then the killers will deal the amount of damage.
9. You can find detailed information about each wave (** here **) (

Now, I will explain everything about wave 25, which is the most difficult wave in my opinion, we lost it four times in that wave.

First of all, once wave 24 approaches the end, go to AMP C, then lift 10 squares (10 tiles where you are from AMP) then create floors and trap your tunnels as much as possible, in this way the UF will not sift above your stadium tunnels and has a lower chance For destruction, you can watch the next video however AMP is changed but the overall method is the same: (** Video **) (

Next, you will need a shaded bridge to be able to control the smashers a little bit, and watch the following about the Smasher Bridge: (** video **) (

And now, the most important part is shooting the UFO as soon as it appears, all four players should shoot the UFO as soon as it appears, I don't suggest staying on the platform you created for the Convenience Tunnels because you will cause it. Dashers to attack the stairs, instead, prepare to manipulate Santa Clauser (MLM: CR – RS – CD – CD) and junk spam with him, I used 3 and moved between them quickly and once I shot the last one and then re-loaded it normally, it allowed me This is by launching two other missiles quickly, not using the legendary launcher, and it's not made for this because the range is really limited and you should be on a platform that's not as good as I said.

Don't try to kill the bumbling, 2 Zenith should focus on freezing them as much as possible, and the other 2 should focus on taking out the peel so as not to damage the ampere.

Finally, it may take more than one attempt to do so, so don't give up if you don't try it first, and if you finish wave 25, you can consider yourself a winner but that doesn't mean the war is over, you'll deal with tons of splashes and little heads on the remaining waves!

I did this with the elite team to shout to Nacho, Solo and Mikido!

Good luck, leaders!


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