Two new forint skins leaked – Area 51 foreign traveler and female love Ranger / Cupid skins

Here are two newly leaked Fortnite Skins found by miners and currently encrypted in the game.

Epic adds new cosmetics to Fortnite Battle Royale in each update that requires some downtime, usually every two weeks.These can include Skins, Back Blings, Pickaxes, Gliders, Emotes / Dances and Wraps. Miners are usually able to leak these cosmetics as soon as the update is available for download, unless they are encrypted by Epic.

Previously thought that there was no way to leak encrypted files, but the data mine @ s1l0x I managed to find a way to display some of these cosmetics within the game. I have found two new skins that have not been leaked before and it appeared in the game.

Fortnite Alien Traveler Leaked Skin

The first skin that was leaked is the “traveler” skin, which looks like an alien and you can see the number 51 on this outfit, most likely refer to M “Storm 51”. This skin is likely to be released on September 20, the date of the “Storm 51” event, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Here is the shape of the skin:

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There is also a Pickaxe found in the Traveler group itself, which can be seen below:

@ spedicey1 I was also able to get a picture of this Skin in the game, as shown below:

Fortnite Alien Traveler skin in the game
Fortnite Alien Traveler skin in the game

Fortnite Female Cupid / Love Sentinel Leaked Skin

The next skin found by s1l0x is the female version of Love Ranger Skin. This skin does not surprise us very much as the Cupid female statue has been added in the update version 10.20 and we have mentioned that this skin is likely to be introduced in future updates. To find out where the statue is located on the map, click here.
You can see the look of the skin below, along with Back Bling:

Here is a picture of this skin in the game before @ spedicey1:

Fortnite Female Cupid / Love Skin Keeper
Fortnite Female Cupid / Love Skin Keeper

Will you purchase any of these skins as soon as they are available for purchase at Fortnite Item Shop?

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