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Fortnite Celebrating her second birthday today. We look back a whole year of skins, events and new challenges.

One thing in advance: Yes, even after two years and millions of active players, the game is still in the early arrival phase officially. But what we can also say for sure is that a lot has happened over the past year. The Battle Royale method of the game has created a lot of games of this type, especially with Apex Legends-The game got a lot of competition. However, Fortnite He performed well and remains one of the most popular games of the year. Just a few months back in March 2019, Fortnite It reached 250 million players. Epic Games has not changed much of their tactics, which has already led them to success the previous year: always create new content. Whether there are new forms of weapons, weapons, game modes and much more, the game is constantly changing and there is always a variety. For example, last winter, we got Fortnite Creative where you can actually do anything you want – and with that, we really mean anything.

However, there is one thing epic games have changed. This year, there was one event after another. Sometimes it was a series of challenges over a few days, and sometimes events lasted for several weeks. The countless crossover events that began Ft with other privileges were especially popular. Whether The Avengers or Weird thingsThe game has barely missed the hype. Meanwhile, each player can simply choose their favorite characters (or their favorite creatures from Upside Down * cough * Demogorgon * cough *) from various movies and series in the locker. As you said the previous year, "Hey, one skin there is like John Wake!" , Is now: "Hey, one skin there he is John Wake!

But events were not limited to "in-game" events. This weekend, for example, the Fortnite World Cup takes place in New York City with $ 30,000,000 in prizes – that is, thirty million dollars (yes, there are a lot of zeros.) Just last month, Fortnite celebrated the summer Block Party, a two-day event we owe to one or two of Fortnite World's funny clips, including this short film featuring some of our favorite skins that speak for the first time:

There were also a lot of changes in the game itself. Last year we first saw a new biome in the realm Fortnite: Battle Royale, When you add the fifth season of Paradise Paradise plus a full corner of the desert on the map. In the meantime, we have seen the whole island covered in snow, a pirate ship that makes it comfortable in a lake in the north, an eruption of a volcano and causes devastating destruction (Rest in Peace, Tilted Towers …), the future that connects the island and the giant misha fighting the giant monster to protect us. Definitely not going to be boring anytime soon, and we can already be curious about what the next chapters will bring.

Since we have already discovered that Fortnite loves his challenges and events too much: there are plenty of challenges on the second Christmas of the game again. With v.9.40 of the patch last week, Save The World's birthday challenges have already begun, where today there are Battle Royale challenges. The birthday celebration runs until Wednesday, July 31. So, get the ax, take out the gun and go to battle!

That you cooperate with Fortnite Would you like to see in the future? How will the map continue to change? And what do you wish for next year of Fortnite? Write them in the comments!

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