Was the XBox 360 Released Too Soon?

Less than a week after startup, Xbox 360 owners have begun to complain about many of the problems they have with the new Xbox 360, especially about heating and scratching the disc. What appeared to be isolated cases a few days ago is now more prevalent.

The Xbox Today reader, who claims to be an Xbox LIVE technical support worker, believes that nearly half of Xbox 360 devices have been destroyed. & # 148;

“ I estimate that at least half of the 360 ​​of the service has been broken … nothing but continuous calls, '' the source explained.

Regardless of whether the source is working for technical support, there is still an increasing number of Xbox 360 owners interested in using broken Xbox 360 devices.

The question most people ask is, has Microsoft released the Xbox 360 [http://www.xboxtoday.ca] prematurely?

Last time around Microsoft actually started too late. Sony sold more than 20 million units by the time Microsoft sold its first 1.5 million units. This time, Microsoft has a head start. Both the Nintendo Revolution and the PS3 are expected to be released in 2006, at least 6 months after the Xbox 360 is released.

Given that over the next few months, it will be interesting to know if MS can overcome technical concerns as well as the apparent shortage before the launch of Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution. Either way, 2006 is set up to be a great time for players.

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